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Garrison Securitas Limited has been one of the leading security agency certified to ISO 9001:2015 in the Indian Private Security Industry. Set up in 2005, the company has been a thought and knowledge leader since its inception. Garrison Securitas Limited has endeavored to provide the best security solutions to its customers through innovation, commitment to quality, training, and strict compliance with standards.

In the coming period, Garrison Securitas Limited, which was so far operating exclusively with experienced security personnel, felt the need for the recruitment of civilian manpower due to increased business requirements. There was also pressure to have the manpower specially trained in industrial security duties. This led to the establishment of the first fully residential training facility in the Indian private security industry by Garrison Securitas Limited.

After creating a reliable supply chain for trained security guards, the next challenge was to induct young individuals to form the managerial cadre of the company. To meet this requirement, we took yet another visionary step by launching a training program that aimed at inducting young graduates and training them in every aspect of private security.

This development also altered the market qualitatively and in commercial terms. While on one hand, these developments led to the recognition of the industry, on the other hand, it enhanced competition, customer expectations and pressure on the Indian owned security companies.
Under the changed market dynamics, Garrison Securitas Limited initiated several measures to face the new challenges of the business. Major initiatives were taken towards re-engineering the organization and amending the processes of recruitment, training, communication, quality assurance and customer relationship management.

In the changed scenario, Garrison Securitas Limited promptly mapped its present business processes and service offerings to meet the growth opportunities. Accordingly, a major change process was planned. In true tradition of taking visionary decisions all through, Garrison Securitas Limited , decided to induct professional management team to act as catalyst for the change process. Top professionals with experience in different industry were drawn into the company’s fold and the Board was restructured to induct eminent, professional and independent directors. This coincided with the induction of the second generation of the promoter family into business.

Vision & Mission

Our Mission

Garrison Securitas Limited specializes in private security services for a diverse range of sectors including events, hospitals, schools, institutions, corporate entities, and industries. Our mission is to safeguard these environments by providing highly trained personnel and cutting-edge security solutions. With a commitment to excellence, integrity, and reliability, we strive to ensure the safety and peace of mind of our clients, fostering trust and security in every interaction.

Our Vision

Garrison Securitas Limited is a premier provider of private security services, catering to diverse sectors such as events, hospitals, schools, institutions, societies, industries, and corporate entities. With a steadfast commitment to safety and protection, we offer comprehensive security solutions tailored to meet the unique needs of each client. Our vision is to ensure peace of mind by delivering unparalleled security measures, safeguarding people, assets, and premises with utmost professionalism and efficiency.

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