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Terms & Conditions

• The agency will submit the Character and Antecedents Certificate of their employees on deployment along with three passport size photographs not more than six months old.

• One should be physically fit and medically certified for good health.

• The agency should observe and confirm to all rules, regulations and bye-laws of the local authority concerned and comply with all statutory regulations specially relating to Employees Provident Fund and other laws in any way relating to Security Agency.

• The agency should comply at all times with all statutory and other requirements for ensuring the health, safety and welfare of the persons deployed in security.

• The agency should indemnify and keep indemnified the corporation against any loss, damages, fines, premium, levies, costs, charges and expenses that the Corporation may suffer or incur on account of breach of any law, rules and regulations of the Government or any local authority or breach of any term or covenant of the contract or of these present.

Return Policy

No Refund will be given